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You’ve worked hard for your home…
now let your home work for you.

You can save time and make living in your home more peaceful, functional, and easy to use with AV Design and Integration home automation products.

AV Design and Integration specializes in touch panel control systems which let you do things like turn down the lights, turn up the heat or air conditioning, activate the security systems, turn up the music, turn on the dishwasher or oven, or activate the intercom from any room in the house at the touch of button.

Streamline… simplify… …it’s so easy...

Simply designed and highly functional, the touch panels are totally customized to your lifestyle to make everything you do easier. Settling in for the evening is as easy as pressing a button.

When you will be away from home, set your home to vacation mode by simply pressing a button. You can set thermostats, lighting, moisture and heating sensors, alarm systems and locks, whatever you desire. Never come home to any surprises, you can monitor and adjust your home settings from a remote location.

The panels themselves can be installed in the wall, perfectly matched to your paint color or wallpaper pattern, so they virtually disappear. Or you can choose portable, wireless or desktop controllers.

AV Design & Integration offers not one, but two of the industry's premium home control line of products. Crestron has been a leading provider of home automation for decades and continue to be the go to solution. We also offer a home control installation option which is arguably even better with Savant Systems. With it's unique interface replicating the environment around you and it's adaptation to the familiar line of Apple devices (ie. iPad), you'll be operating your new Savant Home in no time.