Distributed Audio

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Thanks to the advancement of digital music systems and devices, the intelligent use of foreground and background sound system in the workplace has increased greatly. Music is being used more and more to keep workplaces humming and workers more gainfully at work. Today’s background and foreground audio systems are remarkable in the flexibility and their sound performance. The AV Design and Integration team is highly skilled in the design and installation of these systems.

Studies have shown that music can make us more productive and help reduce stress greatly. Music also plays a huge role in creating the kind of working ambiance you want to present at work: soothing or more high-paced, these systems let you manage your musical environment to best energize your workplace.

You can easily access online music services, internet radio or your own digital music library at the touch of a button. Choosing your music, it’s location and adjusting the volume is a simple process that can be achieved from any control panel on the system.