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Many more eating and drinking establishments are learning to pay more attention to the experiences they are offering their customers. Superior quality music, appealing settings for the lights, all these things contribute to their customer’s enjoyment and help them decide to come back again and again.

Our team is highly skilled with audio, video and lighting system design and installation for restaurants, pubs and clubs. We create and install affordable restaurant audio, video and lighting systems that are as entertaining to your audience as they are simple to control.

Our integrated systems will take your business to the next level and help increase your earnings by engaging your customers more effectively with your environment, watching their favorite teams on hi-def displays or listening to great music. Controlling your audio, video and lighting is simplified with programmable background systems, whether for a single location or networked for multiple locations. The AV Design and Integration team can lead the way for your operation to set a new standard for ambiance and entertainment success.