Modern Technology

When families are unable to keep up with the pace of technology in their lives, are overwhelmed with the complexity of using multiple remote controls or have concerns about energy consumption and carbon footprint but don't know where to start, Let AV Design & Integration show you how..

More green at Home,means more green in your pocket

Take control of your home's energy usage with our intelligent energy saving systems.

Set back the temperature when you're away, turn on only the lighting you need, and make sure energy-sucking appliances & equipment are off when not in use. These are all great steps towards a "greener" home and lower energy bill... and now, you don't have to remember to do them because with an intelligent home system, IT'S ALL AUTOMATIC!

Don't worry about leaving the lights on or adjusting the temperature... with an automation system, it's all pre-programmed giving you the convenience of an automated lifestyle and the assurance of a lower energy bill.

In a report to U.S. Dept. of Energy, use of lighting control technologies will be crucial to significantly reducing energy usage.

“The most efficient lighting energy course is one that is turned off. Effective
use of daylight and aggressive use of lighting control technologies will be
needed to significantly reduce lighting energy use.”
-- Lighting Industry Council report to US Dept. of Energy

The idea of “going green” doesn’t have to mean “sacrificing lifestyle”. Thanks to technologies offered through lighting control, climate control, and other automated systems, there’s no reason to compromise your lifestyle when your intelligent systems can do the saving for you. Now, we’re not condoning a lazy inactive attitude towards doing your part in the effort of conserving energy… we’re just saying there is technology available to greatly help with those efforts… technology that can shave some dollars off that electricity bill. You cant argue with that.

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Wine Celler Management

This is a must-have system for those wine connoisseurs out there. Wine has been around for thousands of years and the idea of collecting and preserving wine has been around for almost as long. Over time, there have been advancements in the wine development process and research has helped us better understand how to best store our bottle collection. But until now, the process of managing your collection has remained almost as rudimentary as when wine collection first started.

Introducing wine management systems. Using your Apple iPad you can connect to your wine database system and browse, inform and entertain your guests with your impressive wine collection - thousands of miles away, or just upstairs from your wine cellar.

Your Personal Wine Steward

The wine management software and the visual experience of exploring your wines, represented through a tapestry of wine label images, gives you an intuitive and sophisticated way of managing your "liquid assets". Wine labels slide across the screen with a glide of your finger, letting you browse and find the wine you are looking for.

Never let your wine go past its prime!

The wine management system also keeps track of your cellared wine and informs you of optimal time periods to open and enjoy each of your unique bottles in your collection. The system also provides with information as to which type of wine will go well with various meals and food categories. All of these added features and the idea of professional wine management puts you in command and control of your collection like never before.

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A Proud Supporter to stop childhood Hunger

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AV Design Bringing Automation to the Churchs

AV Design and Integration has been awarded a 30,000 Square ft Church in the Town of Somers. The church will have a full Crestron Automation switching system to allow parishioners  to be able to view Church services on large screen televisions. The system will also be  capable of full video streaming so when you can’t make that special someone’s Wedding you will be able to view it remotely from anywhere in the world.

First Name Basis with your Integrator

Why it’s essential to be on a “first name basis” with your integrator

The world of custom home electronics offers a wide selection of advanced systems designed to make your life easier, safer, and more enjoyable. On the surface, this great technology appears to operate seamlessly into your daily routine which is precisely what we, the systems integrator, is here to accomplish. For a moment though, if we take a closer look behind the scenes we will quickly discover there is an incredible number of complicated variables that require careful planning and coordination in order to achieve the results you, the homeowner, is looking for. From the security to the lighting, from entertainment to energy management … each of these system categories alone have 1000’s of options and it’s up to us to figure out the best combination to suit your needs. The possibilities are endless and our goal is to have you get the most out your “personalized” systems.

All we ask is your help to better understand the needs so we can together determine the best plan moving forward. When dream homes and large amounts of money are involved, there’s no room for missteps along the way.

Let us into your life to achieve the real benefits of Home Automation

For those of you who yet to discover Home Automation, it is in essence the act of integrating household electrical devices to operate together as one system to provide an increased quality of life. In other words, your entertainment A/V, lighting, security system, climate settings, and more are controlled from a single interface (i.e., a touch panel, computer, or even your iPad or smartphone device).

The best part of Home Automation is the opportunity to provide true personalization. We all have a different set of needs and wants. The young couple looking for the next level of entertainment on a budget will have a very different set of needs than that of the family looking for advanced accessibility for their special-needs child. The retired couple looking to add an extra layer of security and remote climate control to their summer home will require very different planning that that of the single business owner who would appreciate the convenience of automated irrigation and pool control.

We’re looking for these little details. Day to day, week to week… it’s important to take some time to discuss your needs vs. wants to determine which combination of our systems can provide the best solution. If you’re hoping there is a way to make sure the kids get home safe after school, let’s talk about how a networkable security camera system can be tied to your work computer or smartphone. If you’re hoping to reduce your energy bill without sacrificing lifestyle, let’s talk about lighting, shade, and climate control… all of which can be programmed to work together to greatly reduce your energy consumption. If you’re wishing there was a simple way to enjoy your music throughout the house whether to entertain or just relax, let’s talk about all of the many options we have for distributed audio. If you’ve ever thought about how neat it would be to control your home with your iPad or iPhone (even while away), well let’s talk about integrating your set of personalized systems and delivering their controls via your favorite handheld device.

For every set of needs and wants, we have a personalized system for you.

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Open House

AV Design would like to thank everybody that was able to come visit our Showroom last Friday and had the opportunity to play with some of the hottest Technologies on the market today. Stay tuned for our next scheduled open house..

Digital Signage

In today’s fast paced modern world, it is no secret that technology is utilized to bridge people together, regardless of geographical limits, making it easy to reach thousands of people. The conventional method of advertising such as printed ads in newspapers, magazines, direct mailing, banners as well as ads on TV and radio are fast becoming a thing of the past and being replaced by digital signage technology.

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Big Box Stores vs Yours Truly

Here are 4 Reasons why a Systems Integrator is a better choice for your home electronics.

1) "Big Box" retailers focus on products, not service.
The name of the game in retail is to sell products, and lots of them. Unfortunately, the idea of in-home service often takes a back seat. So, you bought the latest TV, receiver, surround sound speakers, and universal remote. Now what? Well, it's either do-it-yourself or pay extra for the store's "professional team" to install the system for you. But, don't expect the best of the best working on your home as most of these retail install teams have minimal experience with basic training on select products.
A Custom Integration company is built around service... not products. With certified technicians and highly trained staff on a very broad range of electronics, you can be confident knowing you're getting the best system for your home installed properly.

New Showroom

AV Design & Integration is proud to annonce the launch of its all new showroom.

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