Life Safety

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Whether relaxing at home or away, protecting your family, home and possessions has never been more important

Even though possessions are replaceable, lives certainly are not. Regardless, our goal is to help you to protect them both to the best of our abilities. For both residential, and for commercial properties, not all alarm systems are equal.

Our team of security system experts create highly capable home surveillance systems that are technologically advanced, yet easy to use. “Smart” cameras automatically point to the front door when someone rings the doorbell, or to the front gate when a car drives up. The control is always simple and at your fingertips.

Commercial properties also benefit from our deep experience and technical abilities. Access control, workspace systems, event notification, property protection, all this and more are designed to fit your needs. With redundancy built-in, your security system truly makes you feel exactly that - secure.

We also offer a Custom Home Security System packages. These systems are found in the finest homes, museums, and galleries and have standout features like pinpoint security systems to separately monitor each individual point of entry. These premier systems also regularly monitor the condition of essential equipment, such as generators.

Sensors for moisture, heat and cold as well as smart thermostats are incorporated into your security system to alert you to potential problems like leaks or frozen pipes. Our system even enables you to control your thermostat from a remote location to prevent any problems.

The result is that you will never be inconvenienced, you will always be in control, and your comfort will never be unnecessarily compromised.