Room Design

Process - Design

Room design is another great topic to highlight the importance of our engineering team. It is our design and engineering work ahead of time that enables our projects to come out so “spot-on”.

You don’t need to be in the process of building or renovating your home to have AV Design and Integration wire and install products for you. We are masters of professionally running wires and connecting your desired gear into existing homes. Our white-glove service is what our clients expect, and it is what we deliver. The only way you’ll know our team has been there is when you tap a button and your home comes alive.

AV Design and Integration engineering team creates a set of technical plans for our clients to review and approve. We can even produce 3D renderings so you can see what will be done before even a wire gets pulled. This becomes our map for the successful completion of the project. These plans are also created so you’ll know how to locate your wiring and devices, whether it’s in your home theater, home automation system, electronics or lighting project. Our professional staff uses architect’s drawings and drafting programs like AutoCAD and Visio. If you ever need to upgrade or make changes in the future there is no guesswork, no time and money wasted trying to locate wiring.

This is just one more example how AV Design and Integration earns a stellar reputation for excellent client service and attentiveness to our client’s needs.